Amira Pocher treats herself to a sinfully expensive luxury car


Amira Pocher narrowly missed the finale on “Let’s Dance”, but comedian Oli Pocher’s wife should still have received a fee for her week-long appearance on the dance show. And she seems to have invested it right away: the amateur dancer has bought a new vehicle – a real celebrity car with luxury value, of all things.

Amira Pocher now owns a Jeep Wrangler

Amira Pocher bought this or a similar car – a Jeep Wrangler in black.

© picture alliance, AP Photo | Chris Carlson

Model Amber Rose drives it in bright pink, Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart and David Beckham own one in black, Kylie Jenner and Justin Timberlake in white and NBA star LeBron James has had his painted in orange: Now Amira Pocher is also joining the ranks joined the ranks of prominent Jeep owners.

“I bought a new car. You know, a few months ago I was looking at it. Now I finally got one,” the brunette explained in her Instagram story and immediately explained what kind of car she was has gained: one Jeep Wrangler. And a very special one at that: “I wanted it in a special version, now it’s finally finished. My brother is on the way here with the car from Munich and I’m so excited.” As Amira proves with a photo, like Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart and David Beckham, she has opted for a black finish.

Outrageously expensive luxury

For one Jeep Wrangler in execution Rubicon According to the manufacturer’s website, with full equipment you can easily put 76,500 euros on the table. For the sister model Sahara, “only” 74,500 euros are due. According to “Autoscout24”, less well-equipped or used vehicles are available from 43,900 euros.

Whether Amira bought a new or used Jeep and how much money she actually spent over the counter remains her secret. But the fact is that she now owns a real luxury vehicle – and that’s something to be proud of. (cch)