Mexico City. In Mexico there will be a new stage of attention to Covid-19 with the best you have in medical personnel, equipment; where there is more experience to care for the sick and minimize deaths, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It includes, he detailed, an agreement with private hospitals so that patients with coronavirus receive free medical care, as in the public sector. We would pay.

After ensuring that the almost 38 thousand cancer drugs for minors that were stolen from a distributor were insured and they are replenishing, considered the recommendation of the Secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma, to use face masks in closed spaces, but also commented that no need to carry it if you keep distance, because they are non-mandatory measures. In this health emergency there have been no impositions or curfew, he recalled.

Yesterday at a press conference he offered dialogue to the businessmen affected by the withdrawal of brands of cheese and yogurt. It is not the purpose to affect them, but “there is a lot of fraud, a lot of chemical products, adulterated, and that must be taken care of because it has to do with people’s nutrition and health.

“It is no longer with ugly, they have to be good quality products, “he said, highlighting that neoliberalism it implied zero regulation and that cannot be maintained.

López Obrador mentioned that the alteration also occurs even in medicines to care for children with cancer due to unscrupulous people, only guided by money.

He reiterated that the investigation into stolen cancer drugs is very advanced. There are strange things: for example, the theft was reported a long time later and the private police of the company do not have their papers in order.

He considered that next week there will be results and insisted that there are mala fe in whom they claim that we stole them ourselves. They are reckless judgments, of great evil. He assured that he fights so that minors who suffer from cancer have their medicines, but i’m not guilty, he pointed out.

On the pandemic, he maintained that now that is coming down the level of contagion and there are fewer hospitalized, We want to reconvert Covid hospitals, leaving the best of the best to ensure that we have fewer deaths.

The President considered that instead of questioning the government, the former health secretaries They should explain why the health of the people was so neglected, why the shortage of doctors and specialists; they should be apologizing.

Regarding the use of the mask, he stated that it conforms to what the experts say and I am respectful of the opinion of each one, as well as the healthy distance, both in the National Palace and when traveling by plane, where he does use it.

He reported that authorities, including those of the Catholic Church, hold meetings to resolve around the celebrations of the days of the Dead, November 1 and 2, and the Virgin of Guadalupe, on December 12, in the Basilica. He mentioned that they seek to reach consensus, because it is not about imposing.


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