AMLO calls “cretins”, “uninformed” and “hypocrites” to critics of his security strategy

“Cretins”, “uninformed” and “hypocrites with double standards”, this is how the president described Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador critics of his security strategy, based on “addressing the causes” of the violence that plagues the country and that is stagnant at high levels.

at your conference this friday morning from Sinaloa, the main bastion of the Sinaloa CartelLópez Obrador said that they criticize the actions of his government in terms of security, when the former president Felipe Calderon Hinojosa “stole the presidency” and declared war on organized crime to legitimize himself without having a strategy.

“And as if what I am saying was not enough, he appointed (Felipe Calderón) García Luna as Secretary of Public Security, he was his right arm, so the very cretinous now, or uninformed, tell us ‘and what are you doing, why not you solve the problem’; that double standard, that hypocrisy is what bothers the most. We are attending to the problem, facing the causes,” said López Obrador in Culiacán.

López Obrador assured that his government does not have relations of complicity with anyone “as before” when, he said, the rulers arrived because they were supported by organized crime groups or white-collar crime groups.

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“They had more power to appoint governors and even presidents, white-collar criminals, than organized crime. Nothing more than that because of the prevailing simulation, he kept silent that’s why he didn’t speak, it was when they said that a thief was the one who stole a chicken or a gas cylinder, or a bag and the great thieves didn’t even lose their respectability ”, he expressed.

“Why are we going to forget that Felipe Calderón steals the presidency? Felipe Calderón and the white-collar organized crime group steal the presidency. Imagine what that is, stealing the will of an entire people, but it is not only that, it is a robbery to seek legitimacy, after stealing the presidency, he declares war on drug trafficking without having any strategy at all, seeking to position himself in a good place and also look good outside.

“And they put us in a serious problem, he did not think that peace is the fruit of justice, he did not think of addressing the problem with work, production, fighting poverty, serving young people, not war,” he attacked the former president of Mexico .

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