Among Arab countries..comparing which one is higher in the price of gasoline

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – With global economic pressures, inflation and food prices rising following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the average global price of gasoline has risen to $1.44 a liter, according to Global Petrol Prices.

Morocco topped the Arab countries with the highest price of gasoline per liter, reaching 1.681 dollars on June 13, after it was 1.46 dollars last March, an increase of 14.9%.

Among the Arab countries where gasoline prices have risen significantly during the past two months, Jordan is in second place, reaching the price of gasoline at $1,681 in mid-June, followed by Lebanon at $1,429 per liter.

Sudan is in fourth place in the Arab world after the price of gasoline increased by 33.3% to reach $1,268. And the UAE increased the price of gasoline from $0.849 in March to $1.097 per liter on June 13, an increase of 29.2%.

Here is the infographic above to compare the change in gasoline prices in the past two months.