Amphitheater collapses in Colombia, 4 dead

Collapsed amphitheater at a bullfighting stadium in Colombia Four people were killed and hundreds were injured. The new leader called on local authorities to ban bullfighting.

Today (27 June 2022) foreign news agencies published images from drones. It was the moment the stands of a bullfighting stadium collapsed in the western Colombian state of Tolima.

The incident took place as spectators sat in a wooden bleacher after a local ambulance crash. including in nearby cities Rush the injured person to the hospital.

Colombia said at least four people were killed and 322 others were injured, 30 of them critically, as authorities searched for those trapped under the remains of the stands. which is still unable to determine the exact number as well as expediting investigations to find the cause of the collapse of the amphitheater

while Gustavo Petro, the new president of Colombia urges local authorities to issue a ban on bullfighting Because this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Sources: Reuters, AP, CNN, AFP.

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