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Amsterdam will considerably expand the capacity of the GGD. The additional personnel is needed to carry out corona work, such as patient testing. In addition, in the event of a new revival of the virus, it can be scaled up immediately so that more tests can be taken.

Currently, the corona work is mainly carried out by regular GGD staff, supplemented by municipal employees and hired medical staff.

However, the GGD must also perform its regular duties again. Because everyone can get tested since 1 June, extra hands are needed, according to Alderman Simone Kukenheim.

The new team must perform at least 600 tests per day for a year. “Based on the current rate of 2 percent positive testing, we can also conduct 12 source and contact studies per day,” said Kukenheim.

“The permanent team can be assisted if necessary by a flexible team, so that during the summer we can, if necessary, go to 1,500 tests and 50 source and contact investigations per day. We will recruit and train employees for this in the coming period,” says Kukenheim.

The cost of expanding the capacity is estimated at EUR 37.3 million. The city government expects all costs to be covered by central government.



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