An actress is fined 45 million and forced to withdraw all her series

Zheng Shuang / afp

Chinese audiovisual regulator orders producers not to hire Zheng Shuang


A whopping $ 45 million in tax fraud against a well-known actress, a censored movie star, and regulated fan clubs, show that China is getting serious about controlling the excesses of celebrities.

In this way, the Chinese authorities seek to contain the scandals that broke out in the entertainment world in recent months, and that had as a high point the arrest of singer and actor Kris Wu, suspected of rape.

Likewise, the Shanghai authorities announced a fine of 299 million yuan (46 million dollars, 39 million euros) for tax evasion to actress Zheng Shuang.

Zheng had already been embroiled in a great controversy at the beginning of the year after her ex-partner, producer Zhang Heng, accused her of abandoning two children who had been born in the United States through surrogacy after the breakup.

In her 30s, Shuang is well known for her roles in Chinese television series.

The Chinese audiovisual regulator on Friday forced the withdrawal of the television series in which the actress appears and ordered the producers not to hire her anymore.


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