An AI generates images to illustrate a story. Goes wrong

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Screenshot: YouTube

The “trainings” of AIs in different fields do not always give the results that we expect. It is normal and part of learning. The last case takes us to the illustration of a famous children’s story and the use of an AI to “assemble” the images that reflect the story. The result is the material from which they come out the nigthmares.

Is about Goodnight Moon, a children’s book for the little ones. The story was written in 1947 and has been a bestseller ever since. Under that premise, Dutch artist Joris Bax used the machine learning AI image generator Midjourney to illustrate a version of the classic children’s book. The results, as we see in the following video, are chilling:

Goodnight Moon [Generated by AI]

Although all the images are pretty good representations of what the artist asked for, it highlights how the machine learning algorithm may have misread the application of the requests.

In fact, Bax says that the collection of images was so creepy that he had to use a modulator of voice and a horror soundtrack behind them. Be that as it may, the result is a real nightmare that no child should have to endure. [IFLScience]