An Albanian, soon to be tried in the case of the Nice attack, sentenced in Montluçon (Allier) for vast drug trafficking

Artan Henaj, 44, was tried, this Wednesday, May 18, in dismissal of immediate appearance, by the correctional court of Montluçon (Allier) for a significant drug trafficking. He had been presented for the first time on March 4 but had asked for a long time to prepare his defense.

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Cocaine and heroin trafficking

In the defendants’ box, this Albanian national, with an impressive physique, “recognizes everything”. From the initial “put” in August 2021, “1 kg of heroin and 500 g of cocaine to start”, to the large-scale traffic between Allier (Montluçon, Moulins and Avermes), Puy-de-Dôme ( Clermont-Ferrand), Haute-Garonne, Gers and Tarn-et-Garonne.

This traffic, dismantled in early March, was managed by Artan Henaj from a hotel in the Moulinoise area where he was under house arrest.

Artan Henaj will soon be tried before the special Assize Court of Paris for having supplied a weapon to the author of the terrorist attack of July 14, 2016 in Nice. In this case, before being under judicial control and being assigned to residence, he was placed in pre-trial detention from July 22, 2016 to December 2, 2020 (first in the Paris region before being transferred to Moulins).

The fear of the Albanian mafia?

“The product arrived regularly. Mr. Henaj had contacts in Italy, Holland, Albania… His role is central and the traffic is extensive. Several people worked for him [cinq ont été condamnées le 23 mars, quatre seront jugées en septembre, NDLR]. We are far from amateurism, ”underlines the public prosecutor.

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“I did this because I was afraid of the Albanian mafia. I can’t talk about it but my family has a debt that I have to repay. Selling drugs was the only way. »

increased henage (warned)

“Bad encounters” in pre-trial detention

To defend their client, Me Yasmine Ouaou and Me Frédéric Nasrollah Nasrinfar evoke the course of this Albanian who arrived in France in 2013. “He found himself arrested for a sale of a weapon [dans le dossier de l’attentat de Nice, NDLR]. »

“He spent five years in pre-trial detention with a clean record. And in detention, he had bad encounters. »

Me Frédéric Nasrollah Nasrinfar (Defence lawyer)

They are the ones who would have contacted him on his release under judicial supervision to offer him to sell narcotics. “He integrated this traffic by opportunity. He is not the mastermind. »

An argument which did not seem to convince the court, which followed the requisitions of the prosecution by condemning the defendant to six years in prison with continued detention, and, upon his release, a definitive ban on remaining on French soil.

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Laura Morel