An American bank detonates a surprise about the famous businessman “Elon Musk” that will happen soon!

Al-Marsad newspaper – agencies: “Bloomberg” agency said that the “Morgan Stanley” bank expected that the American businessman Elon Musk would soon become the first trillionaire in the world, as the projects led by the businessman such as “Tesla” and “SpaceX” are experiencing rapid growth.

The success of SpaceX is attributed to ongoing projects involving the space agency, “NASA,” and Musk had previously announced plans to send a million people to Mars by 2050 in the hope of creating a “self-sufficient city” there in the event the Earth becomes unsalvageable. .

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, who values ​​SpaceX at about $200 billion, said he views the company as multiple companies in one, encompassing space infrastructure, Earth observation, deep space exploration and other industries. Its satellite communications business, Starlink, is also the largest contributor to its valuation.

The share of “SpaceX” is about 17% of Musk’s wealth, and the wealth of the American businessman is approximately 241 billion dollars, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. That’s after SpaceX was valued at $100 billion in a secondary stock sale earlier this month.