An apartment is like winning the lottery

Here are just a few current figures: Average rent per square meter: Munich 19.58 euros, Frankfurt / Main 16.23 euros, Berlin 14.91 euros, Hamburg 13.78 euros. Affordable apartments are a rarity in major German cities. But living outside of the metropolises has also become significantly more expensive. “Getting a suitable apartment is now almost like winning the lottery,” says the RTL editorial team. The broadcaster takes on the topic in its own way in a two-hour docutainment format.

“Desperately looking for an apartment” is the title of the show. In it, two families are accompanied in their search for an affordable apartment. They are advised by tenancy law expert Jan Kralitschka, who first draws up an individual inventory. How much money is there for the rent? How big should the apartment be? And why was the search so far unsuccessful? The program should therefore also help those 1.2 million formally homeless people who are currently in this country.

Apartment desperately wanted – Tue. 17.05. – RTL: 8.15 p.m

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