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An Arab doctor develops a new type of obesity surgery

An Egyptian doctor has succeeded in developing a new type of obesity surgery to avoid complications and problems of one of the most famous types of surgeries in Egypt and the Arab world.
Dr Esam Abdul Jalil, who was recently elected editor-in-chief of the world's largest obesity surgery journal, said on Sunday that studies have shown in the past years that the process of "hyperplasia" has become the ideal surgery for obesity in terms of complete treatment for diabetes, Weight loss to the ideal weight with no elimination of the stomach or bowel or gastric bypass, but patients who rely on sugary foods only have to undergo a conversion of the path of the stomach.
He pointed out that the process of conversion of the overall pathway of complications associated with vitamin deficiency has been canceled and partial transfer is now underway, which is a good process but has two problems. First, the patient needs compensatory treatment for at least one year after the operation.
He added that "the second problem of this process is the interruption of communication between the entire stomach and the rest of the stomach and the twelve and bile ducts, so if the patient was infected with gallstones or ulcer in the twelve can not be used gastroscope or bile ducts from the mouth to extract this gallstone or Diagnosing and taking a sample of the duodenal ulcer and thus the doctor is forced to conduct a surgical operation and the process is transformed from a simple case to a complex surgery. "
Abdul Jalil revealed that a two-track conversion is being done, one of which performs the function of converting the mini-track, and the second to give the opportunity to use a gastroscope or bile ducts from the mouth, pointing out that this second path passes through 25 percent of the food and therefore the patient does not need a compensatory treatment after This surgery.
He pointed out that he has conducted operations for 1200 cases through bilateral conversion over the past five years, pointing out that the publication of research findings in the Journal of Obesity Surgery Canada, and the World Obesity Surgery Conference in Dubai.
The Egyptian doctor predicted that this type of conversion will become the ideal type in the coming years.
Source: dpa



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