An armed raid and attack on the University of Sinai.. and security reveals the details

Today, Wednesday, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior revealed the truth about a video spread on social media showing an armed attack and clashes at a university in Sinai.

The circulating video showed footage of gunfire and clashes with armed elements, accompanied by a person’s comment, which was picked up by satellite channels affiliated with the Brotherhood, and claimed that ISIS elements had stormed the university and barricaded them in it, and that security was unable to deal with them.

Fabricated video

In view of this, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior issued a statement today, in which it confirmed that the video clip was fabricated, and it is a representative scene that was performed in a way that suggests that the incident is real.

The Ministry stated that it was possible to identify and control the person responsible for preparing the video clip, and it turned out that he is an x-ray technician in the medical department of the university, and by confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident and fabricating the clip and broadcasting it on social media with the aim of achieving a financial return by increasing the viewership.

The necessary legal measures were taken against the accused and he was referred for investigation.