An arrest warrant is issued against Roberto Sandoval, former governor of Nayarit

A control judge of the Judicial Power of Nayarit issued an arrest warrant against the former governor of this entity, Roberto Sandoval, for the crimes of embezzlement and improper exercise of functions.

Sources from the government of the state of Nayarit, confirmed to THE UNIVERSAL that Roberto Sandoval is located in a penthouse in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León.

According to the officials consulted, Interpol has been requested to intervene to eventually search for and detain the former Nayarit president in 194 nations.

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Roberto Sandoval, fugitive from justice: Nayarit Prosecutor’s Office

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that, since November 4, a letter of collaboration was issued to the National Guard and also the collaboration offices were turned to the federative entities, to the FGR, for the search and arrest of Roberto Sandoval.

The ex-president is considered fugitive from justice, indicated the prosecution, so it was requested that any person or institution that has information about his whereabouts make it known.

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“Intelligence information has confirmed that he is no longer in Nayarit, but that in recent days he was in the states of Jalisco and Nuevo León, in addition to the fact that presumptively the priority objective already has knowledge or suspicion of the arrest warrant against him”.

On the other hand, the agency indicated that also in compliance with an injunction, the property insurance that the accused has in his name, of which he conducted himself as the owner and of those who were accredited as the final recipient, even if they are in the name of figureheads.

“It was also ordered to take the depository of the same to put them under the administration of the Committee of Insured, Confiscated and Abandoned Assets of the State of Nayarit, to continue the legal route and deliver them to the public treasury and the people of Nayarit as reparation for the damage.

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It is reported that in a matter of days this Prosecutor’s Office will also be concluding the investigation in various folders to be able to determine them, so that the efforts to capture the former governor will be reinforced to fulfill court orders for crimes of the common jurisdiction.




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