An association launched in Levallois to collect donations and help Patrick Balkany


Levalloisians have decided to launch a "Balkanython" to pay the bail of their mayor, sentenced to 5 years in prison and incarcerated since October 18th at the prison of the Health for laundering tax evasion.

According to our information, three residents of Levallois-Perret have deposited on Monday the statutes of an association on behalf of "Association support Patrick Balkany (ASPB)" in the prefecture of Hauts-de-Seine. It has not yet returned to them but has recorded their testimony. An initiative "spontaneous" and carried out with the agreement of the couple, as confirmed this Tuesday evening on our antenna Isabelle Balkany, wife of the municipal and now acting mayor of the city.

"Knowing our situation, residents of Levallois had spontaneously launched Leetchi kittens in every way, so I asked them to stop because I was afraid that we do not know where the funds were going chew by people we do not know, "said Balkany on Tuesday at the microphone of BFMTV.

One of the conditions of his release

Objective of the association: "allow Patrick Balkany to pay the costs he faces in the course of the legal proceedings, including bonds that will allow his release from detention".

At this point, the city of Levallois-Perret must pay at least a deposit of 500,000 euros to hope to get out of prison. This is one of the conditions required by the Paris Court of Appeal in its first release decision. But the Balkany assure that they have "no longer a round".

"500,000 euros to find is very difficult," Patrick Balkany said Tuesday, listing all the assets and family assets seized. "I fear that despite the brilliant pleading of my lawyer, I have to stay in the hole, because I do not see how to raise this money."

With the agreement of the Balkany, the three Levalloisiens therefore plan to appeal to the solidarity of the mayor of this Hauts-de-Seine commune to help them pay this sum.

For each of his convictions, 71-year-old Patrick Balkany filed for release. The second request for release of Patrick Balkany was put in focus on November 13, it was learned on Tuesday. The Paris Court of Appeal had already accepted the first application for release, linked to his conviction for tax evasion


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