An Asturian prodigy of music only seven years old

Diego Jack González Barrero, at home, hugging his cello. / MARIO ROJAS

Little Diego Jack González Barrero, seven years old, accesses the professional conservatory of Oviedo with the best score of the court

Diego Jack González Barrero He is 7 years old, he is going to the first of
Primary at Baudilio Arce School in Oviedo and, although he has only been playing the cello for a year and a half, he has just entered, and with a note -an 8.1-, in the
Professional Conservatory of Music of Oviedo. Those who know about this say that his level is surprising for his age: hers was the best grade awarded by the court, despite the fact that the usual age to take this exam is 12 or 13 years. The truth is that the boy has always been close to music. First, because he has been going to the Allegretto Classroom since he was two years old, where they work with the Suzuki method, which is committed to development through the practice of the musical aspect of each student. It was he himself who, among all the instruments, chose the cello. “I did it because I had heard that sound as a child and I loved it, I couldn’t explain it in words,” he tells us with surprising self-confidence. “In addition, the cello is the most similar instrument to the human voice among the stringed ones,” he adds. After a little talk about whether one of the different types of saxophone would be the most similar among the wind ones, he explains that the 15 minutes he practices a day allow him to have fun every time he plays. “My fingers are already used to the strings, except for a specific problem,” he details.

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Belén, her mother, tells us that in her house music has always had not only a presence, but a lot of importance. «I am a piano teacher – in fact it was she who helped him prepare the musical language part for the test – so Diego has always been listening to classical music, although we put a bit of everything: rock, pop … he loves, for example,
Michael Jackson», He explains. Belén believes that “music for children is very beneficial, not only because having musical knowledge is very good, but also for cognitive development. That is why we encourage you to get closer to music. In his case, the teacher who has in Aula Allegretto, Antonio Peña, helps a lot, who seeks that the classes are very enjoyable and has a lot of patience, which makes the children not see it as an obligation, but as something they like to do », Analyzes.

Neither the child nor his parents set goals: “We just want him to have fun and if he wants to continue, perfect, because the truth is that the teaching plans have forgotten music a bit, and I think it’s a shame,” he says. In the case of
Diego Jack, they soon discovered that he was “a very restless child”, and his parents thought that playing an instrument would help him to concentrate. The result? In addition to his musical advances, in school he gets very good grades and that does not take away from him time to also practice athletics, where he excels in speed tests. His teachers and classmates highlight his good character and that he is always participative and willing to help others. What more could you want?

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