An atlas of biodiversity, quèsaco?

Which areas and which species will the inventories cover?

From the Montgeon forest to the limestone hillsides of Caucriauville, passing by the beach, the Rouelles park or the river garden, we go in search of fauna and flora in natural environments as well as in urban green spaces. throughout Le Havre.

The species studied

  • The flora
  • Natural environments
  • The birds
  • The mammals
  • amphibians
  • The reptiles
  • The insects

How to participate ? Become nature explorers

Curious by nature or seasoned naturalist, everyone can, at their level, contribute in different ways to the Atlas of Municipal Biodiversity of Le Havre. Take your cameras !

An online platform

Have you seen a swallow, a red squirrel or a frog in your garden or during a walk in the municipal territory of Le Havre? Share all your observations of fauna and flora to help us learn about local biodiversity on the online platform:
And each month, go in search of some of the most emblematic species of our region thanks to the publication of search notices to be found on the online platform.

Citizen science

Want to go further ? You can contribute to scientific observation programs accessible to all. Your observations thus enrich the knowledge of biodiversity on a larger scale. Three programs are particularly offered and explained to you during nature outings.

Educational outings

Throughout the year, the City of Le Havre invites you to discover the richness of its natural heritage thanks to a program of outings and nature activities offered by the City and local biodiversity stakeholders. Equipped or not with boots, binoculars or butterfly nets, come and observe the local fauna and flora in the four corners of the city.