An easy-to-solve problem

The next school year our granddaughter will begin a new stage full of difficulties and uncertainty. This year she will be 3 years old and it’s time to go to school.
With the greatest enthusiasm, his parents pre-registered at “Hegoalde Ikastola”, since it is a 5-minute walk from their home. There were 48 families who opted for this center, with 50 places being offered. How exciting! We all fit!

What was our surprise when we saw that in “Irulegi” some families were left out and rebounding became part of the “Hegoalde” list.

Problem: now in “Hegoalde” there are no places. Education Solution: Giveaway.

Our granddaughter, among others, is left without a place.

The solution that the Department of Education gives us is to take her to a center that is outside her neighborhood and to which she would have to travel by car or bus.

We propose an easy solution: open a new line in “Irulegi”, each child would go to school wherever their parents chose. Problem solved.

But it seems that the Department of Education is not about to make life easier for these children. Does it mean so much to open a new line? It so happens that Arrosadía-Lezkairu is growing and next year more will be left out.

By opening a new line of this course, the problem would also be solved with a view to the future. We hope they reconsider and open the requested line. We are still on time!

Isabel Barberia Irurzun and Javier Tubía Tejada