An easy way to cope with stress during student session

An easy way to cope with stress during
 student session

This is the communication with dogs

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A group of Canadian researchers from the University of British Columbia has scientifically proven that even a one-time conversation with pets allows students to relieve stress – for example, caused by the need to take many exams. As the researchers suggest, an hour and a half spent with the dog can make the session much less a test for the psyche.


The study involved 246 students, each of which several times completed the questionnaire, which described the current psychological state. Such testing was conducted for the first time two weeks before the main stage of the experiment. Then they filled the questionnaire just before some of them were given the opportunity to spend an hour and a half playing with domestic dogs. After that, and then after another ten hours, both the students who talked with the dogs and the representatives of the control group again answered questions about their mood. As it turned out, this kind of therapy made participants approximately “20 percent happier”.

Experts note that the study itself was not conducted during the session, and in general, students did not have any cause for stress. Nevertheless, the scientists consider the obtained results as evidence in support of the fact that communication with dogs in such a format would help students avoid unnecessary excitement and in preparation for exams. However, to confirm this assumption, additional studies with a large number of participants will be required, psychologists suggest.

The scientific work was published in the journal Stress and Health.

This is by no means the first study in one way or another demonstrating the use of dogs and other pets for humans. For example, last year scientists from the University of Alberta came to the conclusion that children from infancy in contact with cats, dogs and other fluffy pets are subsequently less likely to suffer from allergies or obesity. A group of Australian specialists led by Mia Cobb from Monash University showed that the hearts of the dog and its owner, when they are together, are synchronized in a special way. According to the researchers, this not only emphasizes the special relationship between man and animal, but also improves the health of both.

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