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An effective judicial system could stop Bolsonaro's ascent

Many are the analyzes after the disaster of the electoral victory of the far right Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, in which the international community fails to explain how a country that was an example of participatory and diverse democracy, manages to take such a dangerous and lamentable turn to the degree of choosing a fascist with a long criminal record that departs radically from the values ​​and idiosyncrasies of Brazilians.

Few of those analyzes go through to evaluate that Jair Bolsonaro had more than 25 years committing crimes and praising the saddest thing of the dictatorial period of Brazil. It ignores, for example, the role of the administration of Justice; the sacred bulwark of democracy that is called to defend every democratic government. The parliamentary coup d'état against President Dilma Rousseff and the politicization of justice, with trials without evidence, against former President Lula Da Silva show that all these counterproductive processes against the Brazilian people were deliberately in complicity with the Court and its institutions. of Justice.

But let's see how a coherent and effective judicial system could have stopped incomprehensible nominations such as that of Jair Bolsonaro who openly calls to ignore human rights, peace and the Constitution and the laws.

It was the 80s when Bolsonaro, at that time a member of the Brazilian Army, already outlined a negative evaluation by his superiors given his excessive economic ambition, his desire to become rich and his aggressiveness against other officers. For 1986 Bolsonaro with the rank of Captain was sentenced to prison by a military court. A year later, it would be part of a terrorist planning along with paramilitary groups against civilian and military targets to explode an aqueduct in Rio de Janeiro in protest of 'low wages'. Without much delay, he was acquitted the following year in 1988.

Once he jumps into the political arena, his 25 years in Congress were undermined in trials and denunciations against him for his confessed adoration of torture and even outrageous statements in favor of summary executions by Army personnel. That is to say, we speak of a citizen whose greatest trajectory was to make apology to State Terrorism. Where was the administration of Justice? Where were the authorities?

In only 4 years (between 2010 and 2014) the economic patrimony of Jair Bolsonaro shot up to more than 150% increase, according to the Electoral Tribunal of that country. Are there no legal mechanisms in Brazil to investigate unjustified enrichment?

The Public Ministry just two years ago received 17,853 complaints for exalting torture and promoting violence against women. Last year I paid a fine of thousands of dollars on the grounds of racist harangues and in favor of crimes against women, the same year that supported the coup d'etat in Brazil against Rousseff.

Faced with the passive complicity of a failed judicial system, today this character with a long criminal record is the President of one of the most successful and important countries in South America.




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