An Elden Ring fan made a Rennie figure out of aluminum foil


While Elden Ring came out relatively recently, a surprising amount of fan content has already been posted online. Many of these creations have taken many forms, from fan art to cosplay, with one fan even receiving an Elden Ring themed birthday card from his daughter. However, this latest creation is quite different from what has already been shown.

Reddit user TheFoilGuy has created a Witch Rennie figurine made entirely out of aluminum foil. Given the special nature of her design, it’s easy to tell whose figurine it is, even without facial features. However, what is really impressive is the level of fine detail.

Aside from the flowing hair, pointed hat, and flowing cape that are the defining design features of the Witch Rennie character, some of the smaller details on this figure make her quite unique. The individual shreds on her cloak, as well as her curved fingers, would be difficult to portray with aluminum foil.

It’s amazing to see how much unique fan content has been created and posted online since Elden Ring came out.