an electrical failure causes a collapse in several lines

The circulation of trains on the Rodalies R2 Sud line It was interrupted this afternoon for more than an hour between the Sants and Castelldefels stations, due to lack of electricity supply, as reported by Renfe. The incident has affected other Rodalies lines, especially the R2, R2 Sud, R13, R14, R15, R16 and R17, causing the network to collapse, especially from Barcelona to the south.

As reported by the same company, “the fault was corrected at 6.30 pm “when the technicians have repaired the mishap that originated in the Can Tunis substation. The problem, probably as a consequence of the rainstorm that has devastated Catalonia, has caused the interruption of the service between the two stations and problems on other Rodalies lines.

The design of the Rodalies routes, between north and south but always passing through the Barcelona junction, means that when there is a breakdown in a station in the Catalan capital, it affects the circulation of all areas.

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Shortly before seven o’clock in the afternoon, the service was restored, although with effects that could be greater than 50 minutes and that has left many trains between stations and without passengers being able to leave.

Many passengers on the affected trains They have expressed through social networks their complaints and lack of information about the situation, even with dark wagons full of people at times when Rodalies has a large influx of people who return home after working hours.