An enthusiast made himself a Microsoft Flight Simulator from World of Warcraft – Igromania


User Reddit under the nickname Fumbleturkey said he could not afford to buy the game Microsoft Flight Simulator… And then he decided to make a semblance of a new game in World of Warcraft.

The enthusiast used the modification possibilities WeakAuras and first person view. The mod allows you to add your own effects, icons and interface elements to the game, and Fumbleturkey drew the cockpit of the plane and even added a photo of Ion “Hazza-Wazza” to the dashboard.

They pointed out in the comments that it would be much easier and more economical to take advantage of the opportunities Xbox Game Pass: Subscription gives unlimited access to Microsoft Flight Simulator. And then the player showed that his approach is more universal: he can make a real world of Warcraft Farming Simulator.

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