An epic turnaround in English football: Defeat with 7 goals brought the dream promotion (video)

Bristol Rovers won a promotion to League 1 in the most emotional way possible.

The League 2 team, the fourth level of English football, had an almost impossible mission before the last round of the championship, but worked a little miracle and with a 7-0 defeat over Scunthorpe threw their fans into euphoria.

Before the final matches, Northampton was third in the standings due to its better goal difference than Bristol – +20 against +15.

It seemed almost absurd for Bristol to win with 5 or more goals than their direct rival – especially considering that by the 22nd minute Northampton took a 3-0 lead against Barrow.

Barrow returned one goal at the end of the half, but Bristol was only 2-0 at the last Scunthorpe and still had to catch up with 5 goals.

However, the second half changed everything. Northampton did not score more and even stayed with a man less at the end, while Bristol organized a goal fiesta.

In the 85th minute Anderson scored the goal with which the hosts pulled with 7: 0 against Scunthorpe and even then Rovers fans rushed excited on the field and interrupted the match.

The game of Northampton ended, and that of Bristol finished and ended without more goals.

So Bristol Rovers and Northampton finished with a goal difference of +22, but Rovers grabbed third place and entered directly into League 1 for most of the goals scored.

A curious detail is that Bristol’s manager is one of the most scandalous figures in English football, Joey Barton, who left behind many cracks in his football career.

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