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Gavi, during the last match against Athletic.AFP7 via Europa Press (AFP7 via Europa Press)

The precautionary measures that a commercial judge granted to Barcelona in order to register Gavi as a first-team player have been suspended. The Barça club has not met the deadlines and has filed the lawsuit late in which it denounced the economic control of LaLiga for not allowing it to register the Andalusian midfielder as part of its first squad, which has rendered the injunction void. “LaLiga has received notification from Barcelona commercial court number 10, informing of the lifting of the precautionary measures agreed on January 31, 2023 for the Gavi case, due to the fact that FC Barcelona did not comply with the deadlines established for the presentation of the main demand ”, the employers have communicated. A new scenario for the 18-year-old midfielder, which leaves him facing his old situation: the renewal signed in September would continue in the air and the player would be released on June 30.

Barcelona, ​​however, understands that nothing has changed. And, from the Barça club, they underline that Gavi is still registered as a first-team player. “The petition has not been filed after the deadline. It is a decision of the lawyer of the Administration of Justice that is not firm. And the precautionary measure will not be lifted until it is firm, ”they say from Barcelona. While in the offices of the Barça club they trust the maneuvers of their lawyers, in the Sports City they cling to the will of the player not to negotiate with another club. “Gavi will not move from here. He will wait for all this problem to be resolved and he will agree with Barça ”, they underline from the youth squad’s entourage.

On January 31, Gavi went on to wear the number 6 shirt and forgot about 30. At that time, LaLiga had no choice but to register the 18-year-old midfielder as a first-team footballer on the day he The winter market was ending, after the ordinary courts accepted the appeal filed by Barcelona.

It happens that the employer’s regulations dictate that the clubs that have obtained extra financing, such as the sale of assets (and this is how the famous levers of Joan Laporta’s Barcelona have been registered), must prove that they can include the salaries of the new registered players not only in the current season of registration, but also in the following two.

This regulation, however, was interpreted by Joan Laporta and his board of directors as a blatant measure by LaLiga to attack his management. Barcelona can appeal the lifting of the precautionary measures, alleging the reasons for the delay. For the moment, Gavi will be able to play with the subsidiary license that he had when the course began, but Barcelona will have a difficult time reflecting the international midfielder’s salary in this season’s accounts.

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