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An evening in honor of Mark Zakharov’s anniversary was held in Lenkom

MOSCOW, October 14. / Corr. TASS Olga Svistunova. An evening in honor of the 85th anniversary of Mark Zakharov was held at the Lenkom Theater in Moscow. Alexander Kibovsky, Head of the Moscow City Department of Culture, Mikhail Shvydkoi, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation, widow of Russia's First President Naina Yeltsina, People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Andreev, Director General of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin, Director of the Vakhtang Theater, Kirill Krok, congratulated the artistic director of the troupe artistic director of the Satirikon Theater Konstantin Raikin, general director of the Mosfilm cinema concern Karen Shakhnazarov, composer Alexei Rybnikov, why Irina Antonova, President of the Pushkin Museum and other celebrities.

Hall applause met Mark Zakharov, who according to tradition took his director's chair in the center of the orchestra. The hosts of the evening were the people's artists of the Russian Federation, Alexander Zakharov and Dmitry Pevtsov.

First of all, they “walked” on the biography of the hero of the day, having done so in the format of Lenkom's “skitcher”. Then actors of the Theater of Oleg Tabakov, the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and the Theater of Musical performed in the same humorous vein. Congratulatory speech in the usual genre for the satirist was given from the stage by Mikhail Zhvanetsky.

The artists of the Maly Theater arrived at the celebration led by their artistic director Yuri Solomin, who also took the opportunity to thank the hero of the day for participating in his creative destiny. “You shot me in the Ordinary Miracle, which became unusual for me,” Solomin confessed, referring to Zakharov.

And then a duet appeared on the stage as part of the artistic director of the Theater of Satire of Alexander Shirvindt and the oldest actress of this troupe, Vera Vasilyeva. "For two, we are 177 years old, and we all sing," said Shirvindt and demonstrated vocal evidence to prove it. Musical congratulation artistic director supported Vera Vasilyeva.

The evening ended with a performance by the consolidated choir of the Lenkom Theater.

“I am shocked, surprised and delighted with the amount of energy, joy and talent that has been born from the stage,” said Zakharov, addressing the audience. “I realized that Lenkom will still live and gain new heights. I am grateful to those people I was sitting in the hall, and to those who jumped out onto the stage in enchanting inspiration. Thank you all for the holiday that you celebrated. "

Each of the guests received as a gift a book by Zakharov and an invitation to the "universal democratic banquet" in the lobby of Lenkom.


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