an evening to repair all your objects

The principle

Has your toaster just given up the ghost? Is your vacuum cleaner acting up? Does your computer screen stay desperately black? Does your bike’s derailleur seem dead? And of course, you are tempted to deposit all these objects that have become useless in the recycling center…

Not so fast: you can also go to volunteer experts who will help you diagnose the problem and probably fix what you thought was irreparable. All this for free. This is the principle of the repair café and, good news, the Maison des Quartiers (allée Bel-Air) is hosting one this Thursday, May 19 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The initiative comes from the citizens’ council of the Côte des Roses.

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Who does what ?

La Maison des Quartiers uses the know-how of L’Accorderie de la Fensch, a network of handymen, hackers, seamstresses (because if you are angry with thread and needle, it also works) which has acquired its small reputation in the northern Moselle .

In general, L’Accorderie is the host of the various repair cafés organized in the sector. Repairers from the Prenons le Guidien association will also attend the evening, as will experts from the FabLab.

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Who can come?

Mr. and Mrs. everyone, single people, people from the Côte des Roses district, those from the city center if they like… In fact, the repair café is a useful meeting place that also allows you to meet people , talk about the rain and the good weather and also have a drink.

In short, it’s the promise of having a good time and leaving with an object that we thought was still good for a ride. If the principle of free admission prevails, a kitty will be left to the discretion of the public in order to finance the repair material of the volunteers.

Thursday, May 19, from 8 p.m., Maison des Quartiers, 58 allée Bel-Air.