An exceptional car in Fontenay-sur-Eure, Franck Dubosc in Dreux … Here are the indiscretions of the week in Eure-et-Loir

There are no shortage of racehorses in Xavier Bertin’s showroom, where the boss of CPSA28 sells second-hand luxury and sports cars with coats of arms all the more prestigious than the last.

In pictures: a new temple for supercars in Chartres

From Wednesday to Saturday, it will welcome, along the Chartres bypass, in Fontenay-sur-Eure, an exceptional “guest”, capable of making the Ferraris, Porsches or Lamborghinis, big regulars of the place, turn pale.

Xavier Bertin, boss of CPSA 28, in Lucé, has forged a solid reputation in the world of super-cars

A racing car, aligned with the last 24 Hours of Le Mans in the LMP2 category by Graff Racing, will in fact be offered to the eyes of motorsport enthusiasts. A strong racing beast of 540 horsepower for 930 kg on the scales. Only four days to take advantage of it before it leaves for Japan for a race in the Asian Le Mans Series.

2/ Surprise

Thursday, while Jean Castex was walking in Chartres, the LREM deputy for Chartres, Guillaume Kasbarian, was not part of the procession. He chopped onions and cut endives with his partner DuoDay, at the Esat in the village of trades, in Chartres, where he spent the morning immersing himself with his partner for a day.

Duoday: relive in pictures the visit of Prime Minister Jean Castex in the city center of Chartres

“I was offered to accompany the Prime Minister, but I had made a commitment to Esat. For this day, the right attitude is this, to be in contact with people with disabilities. “

DuoDay: a day in the shoes of an IT specialist, at Eri Concept in Morancez

The parliamentarian, who did not wish to depart from his program to follow a ministerial visit, the first part of which in the streets of Chartres, he believes, has nothing to do with Duoday, explains not to regret his choice. He tried with Matignon to negotiate a passage of the Prime Minister within the Esat chartrain, more connected, according to him, with the problematic of the handicap: “I imagine that he had other plans, it is shame. ”

3 / Star ballet in Dreux

The stars are jostling at the Ciné-Center in Dreux this weekend. After Franck Dubosc, Friday, it’s the turn of Philippe Lachaud, who came to the cinema complex yesterday. Management sees it as “a great recognition for an establishment that knows how to welcome and share”. To be pro, in short.

Win your tickets for Franck Dubosc at the Ciné Center in Dreux, this Friday