An exhibition by sculptor Auguste Rodin to celebrate Chartres Cathedral

Fifty years ago, UNESCO created the International Convention on World Heritage. Chartres Cathedral was added to this list of a thousand sites in 1979.
To celebrate this classification, the City is organizing numerous events until October.

A work by Auguste Rodin exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts

And promises prestigious names. The first of them is none other than Auguste Rodin. The famous sculptor was a great admirer of the cathedral, and from July 2, one of his works, two right hands joined as if to pray, will be installed in the old chapel of the Museum of Fine Arts.

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It will be accompanied by original illustrations by Charles Jouas, designed for the original editions of the novel by Joris-Karl Huysmans, Cathedral. With great precision, these sketches are very valuable for better understanding the architecture of the monument.
The City has also recently acquired a period manuscript. These drawings, copperplate engravings and prints, will be visible until October 2. Just like Rodin’s sculpture.

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Many other activities are planned, such as specific guided tours (colors, statues, choir of the cathedral…), conferences, or even a reading, on September 24, of writings by Paul Claudel or Charles Péguy.

Remi Bonnet

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