An Experimental Evening in Najran Arts

An Experimental Evening in Najran Arts

An Experimental Evening in Najran Arts Dear guests, I would like to welcome you again and thank you for visiting our website. Welcome to the website of the Arab Economist. Najran, Dear visitor, The economic site is a comprehensive news site that includes the latest developments on the Arab and international scene. News: A review of the cinematic experience An evening in the arts of Najran, where we search for the latest news from all websites and news agencies. Amuse The art of Najran, and we are viewing on our site, “Review of the cinematic experience,” an evening art of Najran, and so that you will be all that is new in the world of news relay. Friday, 20 April 2018 12:14 pm Economic The Association of Culture and Arts in Najran, represented by the Committee of Photography yesterday, organized an evening entitled “review of cinematic experience” at the Society’s headquarters in the neighborhood of Arissa. The evening, which was presented by film director Faisal Al-Otaibi, dealt with the history of documentaries, the stages of documentary production, the definition of documentary film schools and the most important problems facing the documentary filmmakers. We thank you for the good news and the latest news from political, economic, sporting and artistic news from the economic website, “An Experiment of Cinema”, an evening in the arts of Najran. Source : Al Jazeera Online Author Info Related topics

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