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Home Business An expert told about the flawless Haval H6: AvtoMedia: VladTime

An expert told about the flawless Haval H6: AvtoMedia: VladTime

The expert arranged for a “Chinese from BMW” a small test drive, during which he spoke about all the advantages of Haval H6.

For the purity of the experiment, the surveyor Ivan Zinkevich spent two weeks holding this car under a serious layer of snow, in addition to finding out how it would smell in the cabin after such idle time: “And you know, it smells! And not a new car, but a Chinese one. ” The autorun system, like for a car that had been out of work for a long time, turned on the engine almost instantly, which pleasantly surprised the expert. Exterior "Khavale" forced a specialist to forget about all the prejudices to the Chinese cars.

The blogger highly appreciated the European design features, referring to the best models of German and world brands: “It seemed to be like Tiguan, but on the other hand, Audi and Range Rover, while everything is as balanced as possible. I can not believe that this is a Chinese car! ”.

At the same time, the expert recalled that the car was designed by the designer of BMW, from which Haval H6 took over its formidable, predatory appearance. At the same time, the 184 mm ground clearance, together with the non-alternative front-wheel drive, were named by the author of the video not the most successful combination, since the permeability in this case would be extremely low.

The interior of the Haval H6 impressed the expert just as much as its appearance. The interior is distinguished by high-quality plastic, good ergonomics and decent trim, and as for the rear passengers, we can note an impressive amount of free space and excellent functionality – there is a socket, charging for a smartphone, air deflectors and much more: for what! This I did not expect from the Chinese. "

Handling and dynamics of a flawless car were called very worthy, and the presence of a wide variety of electronic assistants and security systems allowed the surveyor to consider the Haval H9 to be also a fairly reliable SUV: “It has everything! The Chinese have done AvtoVAZ, that's a shame. The only negative is that their car is considered only as a cheaper option if you didn’t have enough money for what you wanted! ”




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