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An expert told in detail about the pros and cons of Infiniti FX from the “secondary”: AvtoMedia: VladTime

Japanese sports crossover continues to be attractive, thanks to its reliability and elegant design.

Dmitry Rogov, specializing in the selection of used cars, decided to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the Japanese premium crossover Infiniti FX, offered on the Russian "secondary". The expert told about the pros and cons of the Karpov car in detail in the network.

As you know, it was with Infiniti FX that the history of the Sport Crossover class began, which incorporated the brutal appearance of an SUV and the attractiveness of the exterior design of the crossover. Since, Infiniti FX is a luxury car, even the most minimal equipment is distinguished by the presence of high-tech modern equipment. In addition, this “Infiniti” is known to many fans of the sensational TV series “Capercaillie”, “Pyatnitsky” and “Karpov” – it was on Infiniti FX that Lieutenant Colonel Karpov, one of the heroes of these films, moved.

Interestingly, the owners of Infiniti FX prefer aggressive driving style, which is why they often end up in accidents, so finding a "unbeaten" premium "Japanese" in Russia is quite difficult. When buying a used "Infinity" first of all it is worth carefully inspect the body. Another drawback of the Infiniti FX can be considered weak brakes, so often the discs overheat and after that they need to be replaced. The following drawbacks should be called a sweaty steering column, a small trunk and a small space on the rear row seats – three of them cannot fit, as the central tunnel hinders.

As for the advantages of Infiniti FX, the Japanese crossover has a very reliable gasoline engines of 3.5 and 3.7 liters, capable of withstanding 500,000 km. In order for engines to ensure durability, it is necessary to change the oil every 7,000 to 10,000 km and wash the radiator package. Also worth noting is the automatic gearbox on 7 stages, distinguished by reliability with proper care. Among the advantages of "Infinity" should be allocated wear-resistant materials and high-quality interior paintwork.

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