An FFP2 mask is needed against the omicron in Hungary, according to an expert

Immunologist Erzsébet Pusztai also told ATV about the epidemic situation, the spread of the omicron virus, the wearing of masks and vaccines.

He thinks the pharmacy tests aren’t as reliable, mainly because of the appearance of the omicron, so he recommends the PCR test to everyone, which is more certain, even though it’s not 100 percent. “Despite caution, this omicron version can spread a lot, which is why you need to wear an FFP2 mask,” he added. According to the health expert, it has been found in several countries that although the omicron variant spreads very quickly, the disease lasts less, so it is not a problem to change the quarantine rules and adults will only have to stay home for 7 days instead of 10 days. .

It should be borne in mind that asymptomatic or minimally controlled quarantine may be acceptable. He believes there is chaos in education, the variant is spreading rapidly among schoolchildren, but there is an “incomprehensible rule” that vaccinated children should receive attendance education, so classes are more divided, he explained.

Many people dispute the need for a fourth vaccination, according to Erzsébet Pusztai, if someone has an immune-related disease, which makes it more difficult to develop protection. However, this is not true for everyone. Pusztai said: “There is another circle in Hungary who received the Chinese vaccine as the first two vaccinations. In their case, it is important that the second two vaccines come from modern vaccines. “