An important program WILL DISAPPEAR. Microsoft withdraws technical support

Microsoft has announced that it will cease technical support for a program used by millions of users.

Adobe has announced the “death” of Adobe Flash Player for several years, and most modern browsers don’t even run such content anymore. However, there are two browsers in which Flash content might still work: Internet Explorer and the older version of Edge. However, Microsoft announces that the support for these browsers will be stopped soon, so the real end for Adobe Flash will come only in 2021 for the general public.

Microsoft says that Adobe Flash will stop working on Microsoft Edge (the Legacy version, not the new one, based on Chromium, which does not run Flash anyway) and Internet Explorer 11. These will no longer be updated with “Security Update for” packages. Adobe Flash Player ”, which I receive regularly from now on. This will happen at the end of this year, and from 2021 Flash will be disabled by default from these browsers, writes


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