an impossible life “. The case of Iris

VITTORIO VENETO – Technology does not always change life for the better, indeed for different people, also thanks to the lockdown from February 2020, it is really ruining it. In this period the problem of discomfort is emerging, often also in children, due to electrosensitivity. Now in every home, school or public place, wi-fi, computers, latest generation cell phones, digital watches, TVs and practically every household appliance, are carriers of electromagnetic waves that cause serious damage in someone.


It is the case of Iris, a young professional from Vicenzathat upon testing a new electronic instrument, connected to the internet, in the workplace, on 20 February 2020 she suddenly fell to the ground, struck by illness. “Like being struck by lightning, the feeling of being electrocuted.” Now she no longer has a social life, she has to isolate herself in the true sense of the word: she is forbidden from trips, cinema, theater, churches, for two years she has not turned on the TV, entering the hospital is safe for illness. “The phenomenon is still little known – he says – electrosensitivity is a rare” disease “in Italy, but very disabling that occurs when you are close to cell phones, computers or you are in wi fi places and presents itself with different and serious symptoms: dizziness, migraines, tachycardia, paraesthesia, bleeding gums, tingling throughout the body. But only in Sweden is it recognized as a disabling disease. The first time I don’t know how I got home ». Then worse and worse: with smart working and the use of computers and mobile phones, there is another attack, this time at home. And with work she will be forced to change job descriptions.


To give the name to the phenomenon that had struck her was her general practitioner: “I had excruciating pains in my head, a crazy headache, I felt like frying and while I was telling the symptoms to the doctor, he turned on computer and printer. I collapsed to the ground instantly and he understood. He turned off everything and I was able to recover ».


The fact is that to tell it electrosensitivity it is often mistaken for a form of anxiety or depression, for which the person who suffers from it feels misunderstood, derided and to avoid feeling bad, is forced to isolate himself. «My life has totally changed – explains Iris – because the environment around us is invaded by technology everywhere and nobody can do without it anymore. Making people understand that my daily malaise and discomfort also depends on their habits is difficult ».


Hence the appeal to everyone’s common sense: “Maybe during Sunday mass, at a concert or at the theater, you should be careful to turn off mobile data, wi-fi, bluetooth, air mode, position – he says. heartfelt- It is not necessary to simply turn off the mobile phone, because otherwise the mobile antenna continues to act as a control unit and thus trigger the electrosensitive to the series of symptoms of the disease. I must avoid visiting friends and acquaintances at home, even walking outdoors is often difficult. I “feel” the arrival of a smartphone watch several meters away and the symptoms appear immediately ». And soon they will also activate 5G: “Before it is too late, we must prevent the toxicity of electromagnetic waves spread by technology, and beware of those who suffer”.