an individual violently lynched in the street by several men

A 39-year-old man born in Senegal was arrested. Investigators are continuing to investigate in hopes of locating the other attackers.

This Saturday, November 26, around one o’clock in the morning, the Vitry police station received a call indicating that shots had been heard near the Porte de Choisy, in Paris. Immediately dispatched to the scene, the staff of the Vitry BAC did not notice anything in particular but, a few minutes later, they were informed that a violent brawl was taking place not far from there, near the tram. Thanks to a video filmed by a witness, the police managed to identify five people lynching an individual.

As they patrol the area, they formally recognize one of the attackers: this one, of African type, wears a black tracksuit with white stripes. The man, Jean-Brice M., 39 years old and born in Senegal, was arrested. The investigators then noted the presence of traces of blood on the soles of his sneakers as well as on his jacket.

«Today we see that individuals switch to ultra-violence and act in packs. Assaulting a victim until you can kill her no longer scares them, even in the middle of the street, in the middle of Paris“, was indignant with the Figaro the policeman and spokesperson for the Independent Union of Police Commissioners Matthieu Valet, who posted the images of the violence on Twitter. “To dissuade the thugs from falling into these savage attacks, it is necessary that, from the first attack, he receives a prison sentence, even a short one. In countries that apply this principle, there is a reduction in violence“, he added.

The victim, unconscious when the firefighters arrived, was transportedin serious conditionat the hospital, according to the same police source. The investigation continues to find the other attackers.