an innovative and unique exhibition at Una Volta starting this Thursday

Xavier Dandoy de Casabianca, Corsican, is a plastic artist and publisher (Editions Eoliennes at the Citadel of Bastia). Anna Serra, an Occitan, is a writer and editor of the Journal Or * and Radio O. Both met in an underground car park that houses the Société des Curiosités in Paris. They have kept in touch ever since. Today Xavier collaborates with the Revue Or led by Anna. This hardcover journal, published in A6 format (105 mm X148 mm), offers visual poetry in augmented reality.
« Review OR is a visual and oral poetry journal in augmented reality »Explains Anna Serra. ” It brings together visual poets and poets who are used to pulsing their poems, in other words to making them vibrate orally. For this our team is also made up of technicians **, for the app, developers and graphic designers. We write a sort of synopsis for each issue and our technicians apply it. In the end we get a 3D film which regenerates in real time “. Each issue has its own theme. N ° 1 was devoted to international sound poetry: Iraq, Hungary, Argentina, Belgium, England, Spain… An issue takes around 3 years to be finalized.

Anna Serra is also in charge of Radio O, a web radio dedicated to pulsed poetry and music. A radio station linked to cosmic news! ” We offer 10 programs on the approach of pulsed poetry, according to astronomical news. But as it is dense, we limit ourselves to 7 phenomena per year. According to the cosmic news, we change the poems. In connection with astronomy because pulsed poetry follows the rhythm of the pulse of the cosmos. All this in reference to the pulsars of the universe. I like the word pulser because it is the anagram of tears and the paronomasis of tapping. A pulsed reading ranges from the declamation of verses to an interdisciplinary reading ».
Gold Review, published for the 1time times in 2018, and Radio O, created the same year, are managed by an association called La Perle. ” We are currently renovating a farm in the Morvan to dedicate it to poetry. It will be a place of residence but also a meeting place for the public ».
It is therefore a very original exhibition that Una Volta offers us in its main room.
« This exhibition is part of the – Lecture du Halo – that we initiated with the poet and writer Stefanu Cesari Says Xavier Dandoy de Casabianca. « We plan to repeat this kind of event, two poetic readings per year. That of this Thursday presents a set of works *** in a little-known artistic discipline: visual poetry which brings back the power of the letter. Thanks to a QR code and a free smartphone app, you browse the magazine which contains 3D visual and audio sequences in augmented reality. There is real interaction. IPads and headsets will be available to the public for total immersion. Note that this is the 1time when we exhibit the originals of the magazine and in large formats ”.

Augmented reality
« Augmented reality is a digital system that allows you to see things that you can’t see directly or hear »Explains Anna Serra. Conceived for the number 2 of the Revue Or, published in January 2021, this set of works aspires to bring a renewal in the genre, also called concrete poetry, sound poetry. These sound poems are “pulsed” in French and in 4 regional languages: Reunion Creole, Catalan, Corsican, Picard and also in “Chinese French”.

The exhibition also allows you to find recent work, in digital prints, by Xavier Dandoy de Casabianca, in particular for the Urgence Poésie case (in partnership with the Ut Pictura Poesis gallery) which will be installed for this occasion. ” There is also a tribute to Philippe Castellin, who died a month ago and who was director of the journal Doc (k) s in Ajaccio, a very innovative journal. ».
This exhibition will be doubled by a performance by Anna Serra. ” It will be a pulsed reading as I like them »Underlines the young woman,« I work a lot on presence. I give my text like a ball of energy over 30 minutes. We must not see the time passing »
* To download the free application and order the magazine, it’s here
** The application was developed by Louis Gaillard.
Infographics: Mickaël Laffin
Sound recording: Michaël Filler
*** Contributions by Xavier Dandoy de Casabianca (Corsican translation by Stefanu Cesari), Ma Descheng, Lucien Suel, Patrice Treuthard, Stéphane Hoareau, Anna Serra and Loraine Forletta.