An internal error or an act of sabotage .. What is the reason for the failure of Facebook and WhatsApp?

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were back online on Monday night after a nearly six-hour outage that prevented the company’s 3.5 billion users from accessing its social networking and messaging services.

While Facebook apologized to millions around the world, it did not immediately explain the cause of the malfunction, which Downdetector, which tracks internet outages, described as the biggest flaw ever faced by Facebook.

What is the reason behind this imbalance that confused the world for hours, and once again proved the importance of communication sites, and the danger of being confined to one company as well?!

While Facebook’s director of technology, Mike Schroepfer, refused to disclose details of what happened, or reveal the reason that disrupted the giant communication company, saying only that “the return of services to 100 percent may take some time.”

internal error

However, a number of Facebook employees, who requested anonymity, made it clear in statements to Reuters, that they believed that the malfunction was the result of an internal error.

In turn, security experts suggested that the malfunction was the result of an unintended mistake or an act of sabotage by an insider.

Elaborating on explaining what happened, or the cause of the malfunction, Doug Madhuri, director of Internet analysis at network monitoring company Kintech, said that Facebook apparently made a change on Monday morning in network routing information, affecting the company’s Domain DNS servers. Name, which acts as a kind of Internet search system, linking domain names such as “” to digital Internet Protocol addresses, used by browsers and web servers.

Eliminate cyber attacks

He also added, according to what was reported by the “Wall Street Journal”, that this change made the DNS servers on Facebook unavailable, and therefore offline.

For its part, Facebook ruled out that the malfunction was caused by cyber attacks, according to what the New York Times reported earlier.

Second hit in hours

It is noteworthy that this resounding interruption, which occurred during the past hours, constituted the second blow that Facebook faced in two days, after it faced accusations on Sunday of repeatedly preferring profit over cracking down on hate speech and misinformation.

While Facebook’s stock fell 4.9 percent, its biggest daily loss since last November, amid a broader selling of technology shares on Monday, with the world flocked to competing applications such as Twitter and Tik Tok. The stock rose by about half a percentage point in post-closing trading following the resumption of services.

It is noteworthy that Facebook, which is the second largest digital advertising platform in the world, loses about 545,000 dollars in ad revenue in the United States every hour of outage, according to estimates by ad measurement company Standard Media Index.



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