An internal memo from Apple against leakage in the media leaked in turn


In an internal memo, Apple has warned its employees of the risks they incur by leaking documents. Ironically, this memo was immediately sent to the press and broadcast online.
Apple is definitely struggling to enforce silence in its ranks. Posted to a US media reporter Bloomberg , a memo distributed to all employees warned them of the risks incurred by leakers (individuals who leak documents). The stakes are high for the Cupertino company, which said it unmasked 29 “guilty” in 2017. According to it, 12 of them were arrested by the authorities. “These individuals have not only lost their jobs, they will face great difficulties to be hired elsewhere,” says the company in the document.
“The potential criminal consequences of a leak are real and it can become part of your personal and professional identity forever.”
Apple’s internal memo

For some time, Apple is facing a multiplication of leaks of its own employees. In its internal memo, the company traces the largest of them last year. Among them, we find in particular the delay announced to the media of some features of the iPhone software. The information was leaked to the meeting by Craig Federighi, the software technical director, and was immediately reported to the press through a very loquacious employee. Similarly, a software package in development had been published revealing secret information on the iPhone X and the Apple Watch. Last example: last October, an Apple engineer was fired for serious misconduct . Her daughter had shot a video on Apple’s premises where she was showing the iPhone X two months before it was released. Although leakage from its employees is a recent phenomenon, the company has long faced leaks from its Chinese production plants. To counter this, she put in place drastic security measures and did everything to avoid the dissemination of confidential information. It has limited the revelations of the workers by buying for example 19,000 stolen spare parts of the iPhone 5C before they appear on every blog of the Earth. Despite this, in 2014, workers had managed to send pictures of the iPhone 6 well before his presentation. Regardless of image issues, the company recalls that leaks represent risks to the economic health of the company. Leaked information about an upcoming product can cause the sales of the previous model to fall or give leads to competition. Asked after this new revelation by Bloomberg, the firm did not wish to react. Silicon Valley crusade against leaks Apple is not the only technology company to face this problem of leaks. These last often come to disturb the official communication, the recent examples are numerous. In 2017, Google had returned an employee who had criticized the company’s diversity policy in a sexist plea . He felt, among other things, that women are “more open to feelings and aesthetics than to ideas”. At Facebook, the leak of two old internal memos last March aggravated the already unenviable situation of the firm, mired in the Cambridge Analytica scandal . Andrew Bosworth, a senior executive explained in one of the documents that the social network should develop regardless of the consequences for users. Mark Zuckerberg was then forced to justify himself: “This is one of those with which the most people at Facebook, including me, disagree the most”. In February 2015, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo was exposed to one of his internal notes. The latter suggested that the social network was “zero to handle online harassment” .


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