an investigation opened for “administration of harmful substances” after stings in a nightclub

Six complaints have been filed in recent days for alleged bites received during nightclub parties or during a concert.

Six complaints have been lodged in recent days at the Grenoble police station and at the gendarmerie brigade of Saint-Ismier, in the department of Isère, for alleged injections received during parties, the prosecution said on Wednesday April 20. from Grenoble.

The victims, four women and two men aged 17 to 22, said they had been “victims of stings that caused discomfort” during outings in nightclubs (Le Marquee, Le Lamartine), as well as during a concert at the sports hall of Grenoble on April 15 and 17, as explained by the public prosecutor Eric Vaillant. They claimed to havefelt a sting and felt unwell“. They then went to the hospital to carry out tests, the results of which are unknown at this stage.

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The prosecutor also specifies that none of them suffered the slightest theft or the slightest sexual assault. An investigation has been opened foradministration of harmful substancesand entrusted to the men of the Grenoble judicial police. And to add that “no element of the investigation makes it possible to implicate the managers of the establishments.»

Recently, other similar cases have been observed in various departments. In Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), an investigation was opened last month after 23 young people reported having been victims of these mysterious stings in a nightclub. In Béziers (Hérault) also, many young people complained of having suffered bites during their night outings, as reported this Tuesday Midi Libre.

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