An iPad encased in glass could be in the works, a new patent suggests

Name a difference between the iPhone and the iPads! Ok, I mean, beyond the obvious size difference. Yes, iPhones traditionally feature glass on the front and back, while iPads have been glued to aluminum cases for quite some time. Not that that stops him from being one of the The best tablets on the market. As such, is it any wonder that Apple seeks to bring the aesthetics of iPad closer to their flagship? Rumors about iPads with glass backs have been circulating for quite some time, but now we have reason to believe that it’s more than just a rumor.

Apple filed a patent, which describes an iPad that is essentially encased in glass. While there are pros and cons to such a concept, before going through them, you should remember that patents don’t always mean manufacturing is imminent.

The patent itself describes the process that may possibly be required when assembling such an iPad, in great detail. This involves many tricks to achieve the desired result, namely: an all-glass case, but you have to ask yourself: Why ?

Let’s review the benefits. For starters, the wireless connectivity of most types would be improved if the aluminum chassis were replaced with a glass chassis. Would it be to a noticeable extent? Probably not. Also, in theory, glass is cheaper than aluminum, so there’s that too.

Then we have the benefit of a more unified design and this is the part where we’d like to remind you that a glass case doesn’t mean the iPad would be transparent because it’s more likely not be not.

That being said, however, there’s one glaring downside to the whole concept: it’s glass. It’s one of the most fragile materials and since the iPad is larger – and therefore heavier – than an iPhone, it’s much more likely not to survive a drop. A metal frame would at least not shatter on impact, but a glass frame? Hard to trust.

But all these theoretical views depend on different usage scenarios. While this patent may mean that Apple is at least curious about the idea, it’s more likely that the company is looking to reserve the idea as a form of competition insurance.

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