An N1 for Camden Feint – News

Camden Feint will continue his career in France but in a new team. A member of Grenoble Métropole Cyclisme 38 this season, the New Zealander will evolve next season at AVC Aix-en-Provence.

The 20-year-old rider finished this year 2nd in the Souvenir Bruno Mura at Sorgues, 5th in La Durtorccha, 6th in the Grand Prix de Chamoux-sur-Gelon, 11th in the Tour du Pays Roannais (3rd in the time trial), 14th of the Circuit des Monts du Livradois, 18th in the Tour du Beaujolais, or even 19th in the Saint-Brieuc Agglo Tour.

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