An ocean in the heart of the earth? – Education & Knowledge

found water at great depths.

The transition zone between the upper and lower mantle contains significant amounts of water. This means that the water cycle of our planet also includes the interior of the earth. This was the result of an international study in which the Institute for Geosciences at the Goethe University in Frankfurt was involved. The German-Italian-American research team has analyzed a rare diamond from African Botswana that was formed at a depth of a good 660 meters. The study shows what was only suspected for a long time: ocean water, together with subducting plates, reaches the transition zone. “Deep-sea sediments are also piggybacked into the interior of the earth with the subducting plates. These sediments can contain large amounts of water and CO2 store,” says study author Frank Brenker, “this brings us a step closer to Jules Verne’s idea, who postulated an ocean in the interior of the earth.” The difference to Verne’s ideas is that there is no sea down there, but water-bearing rock, which, according to Brenker, does not feel damp and does not drip.