An oncologist from Seville is the most valued in her specialty in Spain, according to the Doctoralia survey

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The eighth edition of the awards granted by the Doctoralia Awards platform has recognized Dr. María Valero Arbizu as the best valued specialist in medical oncology in Spain. La specialist from Hospital Vithas Sevilla hhas been designated along with 33 other health professionals as the best valued in the country among more than 480 nominees.

María Valero is the head of the Oncology Unit at Hospital Vithas Sevilla, where she cares for patients in the specialty of breast cancer and the treatment of breast carcinoma and tumors of digestive origin. Currently, he is an active member of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, from the American Society for Medical Oncology and the national cooperative research groups in breast cancer (GEICAM and SOLTI) and digestive tumors (TTD). To all this he adds his work as coordinator and researcher in the oncology area of ​​the R+D+I projects of the Oncoavanze cancer group.

Doctor Valero underlines the importance of having a multidisciplinary team made up of different specialists to attend to cases of breast cancer. A task that adds to the accompaniment of patients, offering «“the support and support they need at all times”. It is his work of prevention and multidisciplinary accompaniment that has earned him the highest score in the Doctoralia Awards through the positive evaluation of his patients.

This oncologist points out that “oncology is a specialty where, apart from the physical damage, there is a significant psychological and emotional impact, which leads us to value more the comprehensive care that we do, since, In addition, to try to do things technically well by treating the disease, We also dedicate a lot of time to taking care of the psychological aspect, giving the time the patients need, studying the consequences of the treatments and worrying about the physical and psychological problems derived from the disease. All that comprehensive care, dedication and empathy that we have with our cancer patients are surely what patients have recognized with this award.”

rating system

The recognition of the Doctoralia Awards it is carried out through the assessments of the patients themselves, who have given an assessment of excellence to the care received by the specialist.

To this scale is added the assessment of professional colleagues, who recognize the specialist according to performance criteria, resume and experience. Finally, the platform adds the work carried out by the specialist through the section on “Ask the Expert” in which the help provided to web users is accounted for, as well as the rigor and suitability of the responses to medical questions.

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