An order for masks destined for Ile-de-France municipalities held in Spain

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A cargo of 200,000 cloth masks destined for several towns in the Ile-de-France region was stolen from its transporter on Thursday, May 7, on a motorway service area in Spain, we learned from the company and town halls.

The driver was pointed at a rest area, it is still very vague, the company, Sissi et Cie, which specializes in the import and export of textiles, told AFP.

From Portugal, its delivery, worth 400,000 euros, was intended for the cities of Bobigny, Bondy, Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), Nozay (Essonne), Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines) , Chelles (Seine-et-Marne) and Us-en-Vexin (Val-d’Oise), she said.

It’s shameful and dramaticreacted the company, which has already delivered several communities since April 30, under police or gendarmerie escort.

Masks for residents

The mayor of Montreuil, Patrice Bessac (PCF), who intended to distribute these washable and reusable masks this weekend in mailboxes, denounced in a press release a criminal act which endangers the inhabitants.

PS mayor of Bondy, Sylvine Thomassin, said in another press release that she asked thatan investigation be conducted and asked the Prefect for that.

This situation is the simple and sad consequence of the state’s inaction on this issue. Because if the distribution of masks was centralized and made by the State, I am talking about free and reusable masks for all French people, we would not be there, denounces the chosen one. Imagine where we are today, forced to request police escorts to secure the transport of masks!, she adds.

The company says cities will receive their order by May 15, as it pledged.



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