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An original ‘Star Wars’ character from the trilogy died in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ and no one noticed


A number of characters die in The rise of Skywalker, and several of them manage to deceive death, just like their stable Disney companions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, an original trilogy character really died in Episode IX – and seems to have escaped attention.

Some would say that it is because the film is very frantic. Detractors have argued that the hasty production resulted in a choppy end of the Skywalker saga, with not one but two alternative versions of the film that are supposedly better.

Who has died in the sequel trilogy?

The Rise of Skywalker Poster
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Since the issue is death, keep in mind Rise of Skywalker spoilers is coming. The sequel trilogy killed many prominent characters. What follows is not a complete list, but reaches high or low points, depending on how you look at it.

The great death of The awakening of the force It was Han Solo at the hands of his son, the former Ben Solo turned into Kylo Ren. In The Last Jedi, it was Luke’s turn to leave, and The rise of Skywalker He saw Leia’s departure, after Carrie Fisher’s premature death in 2017. Then, the three sequels killed one of the directors each.

Some minor characters also found his death. Leia almost came to an end when the First Order attacked the sick rebel fleet, and one of those attacks killed Admiral Ackbar, the alien character best known for saying “It’s a trap” in The return of the Jedi. And it was another secondary character from that movie who knew his ending in Episode IX

What character of death escaped the eye?

Screen Rant reports that Nien Nunb died in The rise of Skywalker. Although its name sounds like the song that concluded the original version of The return of the JediIt is actually the character that flew the Millennium Falcon with Lando Calrissian during the Death Star attack, while Han and Chewie were working to deactivate the Death Star shield.

Nien Nunb had been a arms dealer and smuggler before joining the Rebellion, and continued fighting on that side with the resistance facing the First Order. In the battle of Exegol that concludes Episode IX, Nunb is flying the Tantive IV, the rebel ship attacked in the first scene of A new hope.

That ship is one of many destroyed by the rays of the Palpatine Force.

Fans shouldn’t feel bad about missing this for a couple of reasons. First, Nien Nunb’s death was not specifically shown. And because of that, even the actor who played Nunb did not know that his character did not succeed.

What are the alternative versions?

The two alternative versions of The rise of Skywalker technically they don’t exist. The first is the so-called “JJ cut”, named after a filter in Reddit claimed that Disney / Lucasfilm took Rise of Skywalker out of the hands of director JJ Abrams and cut his three-hour cut.

Fans have claimed to “release the JJ cut,” but that is probably nothing more than an early assembly, and early assemblies almost always last a long time.

The other version was the The rise of Skywalker The original director, Colin Trevorrow, had written with his partner Derek Connolly before leaving the project. That leaked this week, and the AV Club said it could be said that it was better than what was released, with a more coherent and paperless plot for Palpatine, apart from a minor appearance.

If a longer Abrams cut or Trevorrow script had made The rise of Skywalker You better never know. Either way, Nien Nunb’s death is best recorded in social media tweets and online Star Wars encyclopedias.


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