an undercover policeman assaulted on the subway for his gold chain

The assault took place on the evening of October 7 on the platform of Saint-Paul station on line 1. The official was prescribed three days of ITT.

A plainclothes police officer was attacked and had his gold chain stolen on Friday October 7 at Saint-Paul station, on line 1 of the Paris metro, learned Le Figaro from a police source.

The man was heading towards the quay in the direction of the Château de Vincennes, around 10:15 p.m., when he was approached by three North African-type individuals, details this source.

After asking him for a cigarette, which the police officer refused, one of the three individuals pretended to punch him while a second individual grabbed him by the shoulder. The latter took his gold chain and a wedding ring used as a pendant.

The police officer hit a railing in the back during the stampede. Slightly injured, he was prescribed three days of ITT and filed a complaint. The three attackers, who fled on foot, have not yet been found.

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