Ana Brenda Contreras and Aarón Díaz meet again in “Toda la Sangre”: this is how they look 10 years after Teresa | TV and Show

Ana Brenda Contreras and Aarón Díaz reunite for leading roles in ‘Toda la Sangre’, the police thriller that tells the story of reporter Casasola and Lieutenant Mondragón, while they investigate a series of crimes.

On September 15, the Mexican series premiered on Starzplay all the blooda police thriller that tells the story of a series of murders in which the perpetrators leave their victims with features similar to those of ancient Aztec sacrifices.

This new installment of the streaming platform its protagonists are Ana Brenda Contreras and Aarón Díaz, remembered for their role in the telenovela Teresa of 2011, where they were a couple. Now and after 10 years they meet again with leading roles and a common history.

In conversation with BioBio Chile, both highlight the production, based on the book saga by Bernardo Esquinca, which includes 3 installments so far: All the Blood (2013); Coffin Meat (2016); and The Eighth Plague (2017).

“I couldn’t wait to be involved in a project like this,” says Díaz, who in the series he plays the reporter Eugenio Casasola, who works for a local media outlet and begins to investigate the crimes, thus crossing paths with Lieutenant Edith Mondragón (Contreras)..

“Eugenio is a bit anti-system, he is a journalist who is passionate about what he does, he wants to give a voice to those who do not have one and tell the stories that are not being told,” he explains. “They end up sending him to a media guy that he doesn’t like, but he quickly finds his way, finds a story that he’s interested in, and follows that story.”

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Ana Brenda Contreras, who plays Edith Mondragón, acknowledges that his character is not in the books, he was integrated into the story especially for the series. “They had a social responsibility to put a female figure in this world,” she says.

As a lieutenant charged with investigating the murders, Edith is a focused woman who must decide between her career or her personal life. “At the end of the day, she is very strong, but she has the fragility of a woman and nature, the things that we all go through,” explains Contreras.

“A bit this duality between filling your professional life or filling your personal life. I think that’s what makes the new character of all the bloodits history makes it more real and people like these exist out there”, he assures.

From ‘Teresa’ to ‘All Blood’

Ana Brenda Contreras was barely 25 years old when she played a secondary role in the soap opera Teresa, which became popular in Latin America after its premiere in Mexico. She there she shared history with Aarón Díaz, 29 at the time.

Together they embodied Mariano and Aurora, a couple well remembered by the public of Teresathe Televisa production was broadcast in Chile in 2016 through Mega, reaching 9.4 rating points in its 6:30 p.m. slot.

“Es padre that people have you as this special affection. It makes me laugh a lot because they write to me ‘I grew up watching your soap operas’. Yes, but I was also your age, we were children, we were very young playing those characters,” says Contreras.

The telenovela became a success in Chile, not only for the public attached to television series, but also for the youngest, who defend its protagonist, the Mexican Angelique Boyer, as “iconic”.

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Es great father meet again and Teresa It also achieved the public that has so much affection for us, as separate actors and also for the characters. That we can be found in another type of story, in another totally different genre, ”adds the actress.

“Casasola is totally different from Mariano and that is part of what makes us love what we do, that we can play new characters. (…)All those fans who come from that time, from Teresathey will be the strong audience of all the blood“, assures Diaz.

Likewise, he makes an invitation to see the series “it is a big and ambitious project, but it brings a new proposal despite the fact that it is not an old theme. We are happy to have been a part of this and can’t wait for you to see it,” he concluded.