Analysis of an integrated local public food policy: the case of the Gironde Departmental Council

Résumé : Since the beginning of the 2010s, local political agendas have welcomed a new issue: food. This integration of issues related to food in local public arenas testifies, among other things, to the process of reterritorialization of agriculture and food underway in the territories. This process is embodied through the development of projects, or even food policies carried out by local public actors. This is particularly the case of the Departmental Councils, former local agricultural counters and today leaders of human and territorial solidarity. The existence of this community born of the Revolution has often been sometimes called into question through the process of decentralization, sometimes reaffirmed, in particular as a “providence” Department (Grégory, 2017; Lafore, 2004). Today, about twenty Metropolitan Departments communicate on their commitments in the construction of food policy strategies.