Analysis: The CCP strictly controls the issuance of passports for citizens to go abroad by 98% | Strict control on exit | Restrict exit | Tighten passport issuance

[Epoch Times, July 31, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Li Yun interviewed and reported) The CCP used the epidemic as an excuse to strictly control the exit of citizens. In the first half of 2021, the issuance of ordinary passports has dropped by 98%. On July 30, the CCP’s Immigration Administration announced that it would not leave the country for non-emergency and non-essential purposes, and that passports for tourism purposes would not be issued. Some commentators believe that on the one hand, the CCP is strictly preventing the epidemic, on the other hand, it is preventing the flight of officials and capital outflows before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

The National Immigration Administration of the Communist Party of China held a press conference on the morning of the 30th and announced that 335,000 ordinary passports were issued nationwide in the first half of 2021. The main reasons are studying abroad, employment and business, and the number of issuances was only 2% of the same period in 2019.

The press conference also stated that the Immigration Administration will continue to strictly restrict the cross-border movement of residents, and strictly approve the issuance of ordinary passports and entry and exit permits for mainland residents.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people have reported difficulties in applying for passports. According to the spokesperson of the CCP Immigration Administration, Chen Jie, this is based on the State Council’s “united deployment of the joint prevention and control mechanism.” For non-essential and non-emergency exit reasons, ordinary passports and other entry and exit documents will not be issued for the time being.

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Chen Jie also said that if the applicant has no urgent and necessary reasons, it is recommended to cancel or postpone the departure plan. For those who have real needs for overseas study, employment, business, etc., the entry documents will be issued after verification.

Netizens report: Can’t get a passport, they are restricted from leaving the country

However, many Chinese netizens reported that unless there is an admission notice from a foreign school with a clear start date, they will not be able to apply for a new passport. Many netizens also said that passport processing has been stopped, and passports will not be renewed after they expire.

After the outbreak of the CCP virus outbreak last year, many netizens reported that the CCP strictly controls the exit of nationals and does not issue passports for travel purposes. The new pass was also suspended, and passport processing was also suspended.

Shanghai observer Chen Minghui said that the country has been tightening passport issuance and restricting citizens from leaving the country. “My passport was cut a few years ago and it is not allowed to leave the country. Now it is even more difficult to apply for a passport. We can’t even want to do it, and we don’t expect to go abroad.”

A teacher surnamed Li from Shandong told The Epoch Times that the passport school is under unified management, “I used to be a human rights lawyer, they didn’t apply for a passport when I applied for a passport. I fought with them, and it was processed later, but they have been restricted from leaving the country. These years have changed careers. As a teacher, the school has unified management of passports. Last year, it continued to tighten. If you want to go abroad, you need the approval of the Board of Education, so I have never been abroad.”

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The Immigration Administration of the Communist Party of China issued a statement in November 2020 that it strictly approves applications for entry and exit documents for non-essential reasons such as travel by Chinese citizens, and discourages and restricts non-essential and non-urgent entry and exit activities such as travel, visits to relatives and friends of residents.

Scholars: The epidemic is superimposed on economic factors, the CCP engages in seclusion

Regarding the CCP’s further tightening of passport issuance, Li Yuanhua, former associate professor at Beijing Normal University, told The Epoch Times that under the epidemic, China’s economy was in a severe decline. The money goes overseas; in addition, it may also fear that these people will not return after they go abroad. Therefore, it has tightened the restrictions on people’s exit. In fact, it is a step backwards.

Li Yuanhua said that after the so-called reform and opening up of the CCP, many Chinese went out of the country and found that many lies of the CCP were self-defeating. Now it wants to create a more closed environment, or an environment where it thinks it is easier to deceive the people. It seems reasonable and reasonable to use the epidemic to lock the country away. In fact, it is a historical reversal.

Analysis: Epidemic prevention is an excuse to strictly control flight before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Chen Minghui also believes that the authorities’ prevention of the epidemic is just an excuse. The epidemic is only one aspect. There is also a big environment in which the CCP’s war wolf diplomacy and human rights abuses are under international confinement.

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“This is the situation now, and now I basically think it must be a signal, a signal of the opened inner loop, and it is not a non-outer loop. The highest level is talking about double loops, with outer loops plus inner loops.”

Chen Minghui said: “If the international environment is favorable to it and conforms to its internal and foreign policies, it is based on the external cycle. If it does not comply, it must be based on the internal cycle. It should be this way of thinking.”

“There is another reason. Next year, we will enter the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The game of various powers within the party, including the reshuffle and rearrangement of the party, is also due to this factor. I think there is also this factor.

Chen Minghui said, “There should be many factors, and the big policy is still unstable now. It is estimated that the specific direction will be determined after the top 20 top executives change next year.”

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